Angelika Kahl

Contemporary Artist Painter


1952 born in Hamburg / Germany - married since 1975 - two adult sons
1978 overseas stay in São Paulo/ Brazil for five years
1983 return to Hamburg

"The more we ask of ourselves or the more our duties require from us, the more we are dependent on meditation as a source of power, the permanent reconciliation (balance) between mind and soul.
Only through meditation we are able to free ourselves of everyday issues and gain a distance".

Hermann Hesse


The Hamburg artist Angelika Kahl is known in International galleries since 1966. Gallery owners and visitors are fascinated by her contemporary painting which is based on nature and its contemplative beauty. Already as a child she busied herself with crayons, paintbrushes and colours. She loved to paint and dreamt of exhibitions. In spite of this she studied mathematics and German and became a dedicated teacher. For five years she taught at the Colégio Visconte de Porto Seguro in Sao Paulo. Returning from Brazil she developed her own style of painting which she calls “impressionistic naturalism”. Undeterred by contemporary movementsshe does not let them influence her style. In between she has created a number of imposing works of art. For Angelika Kahl landscape painting is not a worn-out expression of art. On the contrary her paintings represent in a contemplative, charming way,wonderful perspectives of the beauty of our world. The viewers feel the peaceful atmosphere of the paintingsand the consensus is overwhelming. Her pictures are mostly divided by the horizon. The sky is large and wide, below you find the landscapes with exact details. In the last years her paintings have changed in as far as you see more free space in the form of sky and water and fewer exact portrayals of landscapes, sailing boats, lighthouses etc. This contrast increases the tension in her paintings. Angelika Kahl has visited many parts of the world andall her impressions are expressed in her paintings.At the time being she is working on portraits of people and is fascinated by the discovery of the soul behind the faces. Since 2011 she has regularly been invited to take part in international in events, fairs and exhibitions.These international exhibitions have taken her to Beijing, New York, London, Paris, Rome and Strasbourg.


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  • 2020 SAN DIEGO, museums ship Hamburg
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„Painting is my inner home, my place for pondering fundamental questions, my opportunity to retreat into a place of silence and rest, where I regain vitality and energy.
Through my art I hope and aim to inspire people to go their own inner journeys". She describes her style of art as "impressionistic naturalism".
The intended interaction of color as the primary creation and the exactness of several compositions raise the tense in her paintings.


Angelika Kahl - an artist conquers the world

How embraces the whole world with an emotional network

Impressions of landscape that involve the desire for freedom and development in itself - that is the kind of work with which the Hamburg artist Angelika Kahl is representing in different parts of the earth. The Impressionist naturalism style of the artist, which is not least strongly influenced by its multi-year stay in Brazil and has still never lost the maritime basic orientation of Hamburg , is because even appropriate response , whether at exhibitions in Europe, in America or in Asia.

Especially in Asia, let the viewers of their works by the harmony and the artistic aesthetics of their compositions win . For example, standing on the Art Beijing , where her work has been shown already for the umpteenth time from the LDXArtodrome Gallery, whole groups of enthusiastic visitors from their works, they studied , could be supplied with further information with collectors toying with the idea , long term to integrate these artist in his collection . "It's been very interesting to observe ," said the gallery owner Christine Kunkler , " as the Chinese , capture quite similar to us Europeans of the generality and a certain immortality , as expressed in particular in the maritime work of Angelika Kahl and can be carried away . And this is true even if the artist often uses local motifs, which nevertheless are rather unusual for a Chinese viewer. But it is precisely these motifs are familiar through integration into the nature and the Chinese viewer subliminally again . Here it becomes clear how art can build bridges across continents away and documented similarities of people who are actually affected by completely different socio- cultural contexts. "

So is it possible to highlight the work of Angelika Kahl as an example how strongly gives the art a -understood by all people language on the basis of emotional commonalities across continents expression.

Stephan Kunkler

LDXArtodrome Gallery
Dr. Stephan Kunkler
Tel. : +49 (030) 97893621
E-Mail :
Mitglied im Bundesverband deutscher
Galerien und Kunsthändler e.V. (BVDG).

Kritik Amsterdam Whitney

Claude Monet declared, "Nature won't be summoned to order and won't be kept waiting. It must be caught, well caught." Contemporary artist Angelika Kahl is an extensive traveler, and through her oil on canvas paintings one is able to experience the stoic simplicity and delicate beauty of the natural landscape in places one may never have the opportunity to visit. Ms. Kahl appropriately chose oil to document her extensive explorations; her loose gestural strokes engender an ethereal quality to the composition, capturing the effervescent, fleeting reality of the landscape.
Ms. Kahl practiced art at an early age and was always drawn to her creative forces. After leaving her profession as a teacher, she pursued her passion for the arts fulltime. Her love for life extends from her canvases, and the artist explains, "Due to my own experiences and wonderful healing I love my life, my home and also the wonderful nature round the world. My first priority is to share these feelings with others. I want to show how beautiful our world is. I would like to share my energy and my thankfulness with everybody." Through luscious oil paints Ms. Kahl offers an endless array of subjects, from her magnificent architecture to the ever-changing moods of picturesque, gentle, lush countrysides. Her dazzling brushstrokes reveal the celestial majesty of nature which the ordinary viewer may overlook and evoke a mood of calm transcendence that comprise an ethereal and timeless oeuvre. Ms. Kahl emblazons iconic markers of distant locations and represents the many intriguing architectural sites indigenous to international cultures. Monumental lighthouses overseeing the undulating seas and stoic temples standing guard on calm waters' shores are a few landmarks highlighted by the artist's talented eye. Infinite locations become tangible dreamscapes through Ms. Kahl's beautiful paintings inspired by her travels around the world.
Award-winning artist Angelika Kahl works and resides in her hometown Hamburg, Germany. After studying mathematics and pedagogy in Germany, she briefly lived and worked in São Paulo, Brazil. She exhibits her artwork internationally in group and solo exhibitions throughout China, Germany, Bali, Indonesia and Denmark. Her artwork is treasured in many public and private collections worldwide, and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to showcase the artwork of this contemporary Master Artist.

Ruthie Tucker

Executive Director
Amsterdam Whitney
International Fine Art Inc.
511 West 25th Street Chelsea,
New York, NY 10001

New heavenly visions

Landscapes of the soul. Confessions of the psyche. Worlds that reside inside a creative mind. Angelika Kahl is an artist capable of narrating, through the elegance and harmony of her stroke, and the wise use of chromatic variables, the beauty of the world we live in. A world in which man is the victim of his own choices; a world where the injustice of man prevails.

Through what I would call "new heavenly visions", Kahl discloses an underworld, raising the awareness of the viewer through her pictorial sensibility. You will certainly find Kahl among the big interpreters of a figurative painting able to convey strong feelings, as the ones disclosed in the "Tables of the Law".

With significant harmony the artist explores the beauty of everyday life.
A daily life made of enchanting landscapes; a daily life in which we find unspoiled spaces and sublime architecture; a daily life that we all live and re-live across Angelika's expressions on canvas. By her elegant stroke, Kahl reminds me of some of the more significant paintings of Sandro Botticelli. The sea and its silence has often become the subject of analysis for the artist. A silent sea which accompanies the human being on his journey.
The sea with its mysterious infinities and charming stories. The sea that in the paintings of Kahl becomes the authentic witness of divine beauty. Kahl is an artist who whispers her thoughts and she does so through a pictorial language of high critical interest. The world of art has lost its leading figures; a world of art that appears increasingly influenced by market choices. A world of art where the beauty is accused of heresy and "the ugly" and the insignificant is more and more promoted.
Against this world of art you must fight; against this kind of art world Angelika Kahl fights every day and she does so by the means of painting that has got in its sublime beauty its real essence. An art that can charm the viewer with its visual melodies. An art intended to go down in history.

Salvatore Russo

Rome 25. September 2014
(The text is slightly abbreviated
from the original)
Dr. Salvatore Russo
Critic and Curator,

Two Worlds in Club Transatlantico, São Paulo, Brazil

Exhibition 3rd March to 4th April 2015

The artwork displayed at the exhibition does not only reflect on Angelika Kahl's years in Brazil but also her present artistic vitae. Her pensive pictures reflect the life experience of this German artist who fell in love with Brazil and after her return to Germany retained her love for this country. Not only this close relation but also her eldest son, a child of our native country, became a part of her life. Today she lives and works in Hamburg.
Angelika's two worlds are expressed by landscapes, technically of excellent quality, which raise hope, pacify the psyche and open our senses for inner peace. Like windows normally kept closed and waiting to be re-opened, beautiful landscapes over-whelm our senses, the smell of nature seems to reach us through the frame. We feel the ocean breeze refreshing our faces and calming our thoughts. Reflections of air seemingly real turn out to be delusions. Her pictures are beautiful works of art with bluish shades and richly painted details which fascinate us.
However, the freedom of the artist cannot be measured in the details but in the spirit in which she embraces our country, with the tenderness of a mother embracing her son.

Alexandra Ungern-Sternberg

Exhibition: Dois Mundos
Artista: Angelika Kahl
Texto: Alexandra Ungern-Sternberg
(Original Text in Portuguese)
Clube Transatlântico - São Paulo 03/03/2015



Grand exposition universelle Paris

Josè Van Roy Dalì and Angelika Kahl


Roma Imperiale, Rom

Sandro Serradifalco, Salvatore Russo, Francesco Saverio Russo and Angelika Kahl


Biennale Barcelona

Salvatore Russo, Josè Van Roy Dalì, Francesco Saverio Russo and Angelika Kahl


Art Taomina


Marco Polo Venice

Francesco Saverio Russo and Angelika Kahl


Michelangelo Prize - Palazzo Cardinal Cesi - Roma

Francesco Saverio Russo and Angelika Kahl


Artists at the Castle - Castle of Nerola - Rome

Francesco Saverio Russo and Angelika Kahl


Leonardo Da Vinci Prize - Florence

Francesco Saverio Russo and Angelika Kahl


Colosseo Prize - Palazzo Brancaccio - Rome

Salvatore Russo and Angelika Kahl


Dante Alighieri Prize - Caserma dell'Artiglieria - Peschiera del Garda (VR)

Salvatore Russo and Angelika Kahl


Premio Internazionale Berlino - Deutscher Dom - Berlino

Salvatore Russo and Angelika Kahl


Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - Borghese Palace - Florence

Francesco Saverio Russo and Angelika Kahl


Prize Raffaello - Palazzo Gnudi - Bologna

Salvatore Russo and Angelika Kahl



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